Hear the O550

D550The original guitar tracks were recorded by Walden Artist Michael Mucklow dry. The compression and reverb were added afterwards to provide a reference for how the guitar would sound with common acoustic guitar studio treatments.

Dry tracks:
East Autumn (standard tuning)
Pipe's Canyon Sunset (open D tuning)

Mixed tracks:
East Autumn
Pipe’s Canyon Sunset

Recording details:
Recorded January 2008 on: Roland VS-2000CD; 16 bit mode, 44.1
Mic: Rode NT1-A; placed 12" away from 12th fret of guitar.
Preamp: None
Strings: John Pearse 600L (12-53 gauge)
Mixed tracks used 'Fingerpicked Acoustic' setting - VS-2000CD software.

Michael's first impressions of the O550:
The Dry tracks are quite pleasing - it's really nice when a guitar records this well without the use of a preamp and/or compression.

The O550 has the same Walden qualities of sound as the other models I own and/or have played. There's an "air" or "lightness" to the tone. I've just never been able to aptly define it with words. This guitar also has that quick response, "snappiness", off the soundboard that I've personally come to really like about Waldens. I like what I hear, especially with regard to how nicely it recorded. The O550 will be used for a song or two on my next Fingerstyle CD.

I find the tone to be a bit similar to a parlor guitar I own. Yet, overall, it does have the OM type sound which is comparable to the nicer OM style guitars that are in the $1400-2000 price range. But you know yourself how subjective guitar tone is.

Yeah, I like what I hear with the O550...definitely!

Song copyrights:
East Autumn and Pipe's Canyon Sunset, copyright 2007 Michael Mucklow